Immigrants Show Up at Poland-Belarus Border


Immigrants at the Poland-Belarus Border

Several thousands of migrants have been showing up at the borders between Poland and Belarus. These migrants come from many different countries, swarming the borders and raising tension. This didn’t sit well with the European Union, and they are trying to stop what they believe is helping the migrants travel there. 

 Frontex, the EU’s border force, has identified where most illegal immigrants are coming from, though it is not as accurate since the number of immigrants has only increased since summer. They believe that most of them are coming from Iraq, while the other immigrants originated from Afghanistan and Syria. Most of the migrants used airplanes to help reach the capital of Belarus, Minsk. From there, they traveled by land into EU countries. 

Belarus has been accused by the European Commission of attracting migrants to its capital with the premise that it would be easy to access EU countries. EU members Lithuania and Poland have been convinced that authorities in Belarus are purposely helping the arrival of migrants. This constant flow of migrants isn’t helping Poland; instead, it’s created a grudge between the European Union and Belarus. 

The outpour of migrants making it to Poland’s border is causing some problems. More than 5,000 migrants have tried to cross the border this month, causing the defense ministry to be more on guard. Migrants weren’t happy with their tightened security, so they began throwing stones at the Polish forces guarding the border. The forces were forced to retaliate by using water cannons and tear gas against the murderous mob of migrants. Some are unhappy with the Polish force’s decision as many women, children, and bystanders were among the angry mob. Poland’s defense ministry later tweeted, “The migrants attacked our soldiers and officers with stones and are trying to destroy the fence and get to Poland. Our services used tear gas to quell the migrants’ aggression.” Unfortunately, a Polish officer was severely injured due to an object hitting his head and fracturing his skull. The Polish police also accused Belarus of giving the migrants stun grenades and other throwables, and Russia has spoken out on the situation, calling it “absolutely unacceptable.” 

Poland and other neighboring EU countries are still dealing with a massive amount of migrants. They hope that they’ll be able to stop them from coming in. Currently, Poland’s Parliament has passed a law that will let border guards deport illegal migrants immediately. With the amount of effort, the EU and Poland’s governments are putting into stopping the immigrants, it’s safe to say that it will blow over sooner or later.