Lego embraces gender-neutral toys


via Pixabay

Two lego figures

Legos are one of the most used kid toys to be ever made. The company behind the popular toy is one of the biggest toy companies to be created. However, there has been a gender bias with Legos. Parents have said that Legos are for boys only and Barbies are for girls. The Lego company didn’t like what the parents were saying, so they have announced that legos are gender-neutral and any kid can play with them. 

Since Lego toys came out as gender-neutral, they asked for companies to take their gender stereotypes on toys down. One of the main reasons Lego has gotten rid of its gender bias is that the Lego company has found that most parents encourage their boys to play sports and play “boy” Legos. Meanwhile, girls had been told to dress up and bake. Meanwhile, Lego didn’t like that opinion because most of their toys are made for kids. Multiple activists have spoken out about these stereotypes. They have stated that most young girls turn into scientists and doctors. Another activist stated, “ if girls don’t play with Lego, they won’t get their developing skills, and if boys aren’t playing with dolls, they won’t get their nurturing skills.” There has been a poll, and 82% say there is nothing wrong with girls playing soccer and boys doing ballet; 71% of boys agree. Geena Davis is a famous activist/actor/ex-model. Besides working for big screens in Hollywood, she is an activist that is trying to fight gender bias. So, she has been on Legos’ side in fighting off their gender stereotype on their toys. People have been wondering why Geena Davis hasn’t been on the big screen. The reason for that is that she has been running a page called “ Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the Media page.” Geena Davis has become an activist, then an actor. Since Geena Davis hasn’t been acting that much, she has more time to speak out about the gender stereotype and how it’s wrong. One of the main reasons why Geena has spoken out of the gender-neutral problem with Legos is because she doesn’t like how people have been making kids follow those stereotypes. She believes that kids should be kids and play with any type of toy. Therefore, the Lego company agrees with the concept that kids should be kids. 


That is one of the main reasons why Lego has made their company gender-neutral. They believe that kids shouldn’t be told to act more boyish or more girly. They want peace and want kids to be included with toys that don’t have a label of “ boy toy” or “ girl toy.” They want their little customers to be happy playing with their toys, regardless of their gender.