Rose Queen and Court Just Named- What Does it Take to be Chosen?


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The 2019 Rose parade

The Rose Queen and Royal Court are iconic traditions steeped in the history of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses, and as usual, many people are excited to see the treasured legacy continue with the 2022 Royal Court the members of which were announced on October 4. 

There were seven members competing for the 2022 Royal Court. Queen Nadia Chung and Jaeda Walden are two of the members, both attending La Canada High School. Other contestants were Jeannine Briggs, attending John Marshall Fundamental High School, and Abigail Griffith, attending Pasadena High School. Additionally, Swetha Somasundaram, attending Arcadia High School and Mackenzie Street, attending Flintridge Sacred Heart, also hoped to become the Royal Court Queen. Last but not least, Ava Feldman, who is attending South Pasadena High School, is the last contender for the coveted position.

Members of the Royal Court reap numerous benefits, including becoming a member of an organization dedicated to hands-on volunteerism, learning new ways to interact with and give back to the local community, honing public speaking abilities, and increasing self-confidence. Participants are chosen based on a variety of factors, including public speaking abilities, youth leadership, academic accomplishment, and involvement in the community and school.

The Royal Court represents the Tournament of Roses, the Pasadena community, and the greater Los Angeles area by attending nearly 100 community and media events. The Royal Court’s grand finale will be riding on the Royal Court float in the Rose Parade presented by Honda and attending the Rose Bowl game presented by Northwestern Mutual on New Year’s Day.

Requirements to get chosen to be in the Royal Court are not that strict, as there are seven eligibility requirements. One requirement is that by December, participants must be at least 17 years old and not more than 21 years old by January. They also have to be a full-time Pasadena Area Community College District resident and maintain a 2.0-grade point average in both the current and previous years’ coursework. In the fall, they must be available to participate in all interview sessions in-person and be a senior in high school or enrolled full-time (minimum 12 units) in any authorized Pasadena Area Community Institution District school or college. Also, they must complete the official Royal Court online application and show documentation of complete COVID-19 immunization and be fully immunized by the initial interview.

Many people competed for the 2022 Tournament of Roses, and among the hundreds of people competing, Nadia Chung of La Canada High School was crowned queen. The seven finalists were picked from hundreds of applicants based on factors such as public speaking, academic success, young leadership, and community and school participation. Given that they’ll be making 100 public appearances between now and New Year’s Day, they have to be vaccinated to be selected.