Why the Golden State Warriors Will Win the NBA Championship



Stephen Curry, the start of the Golden State Warriors.

Many people have a passion and a love for the game of basketball. At the start of every season, the big question is who will win the championship?. This year many people are saying that the Lakers, Nets, or Bucks will win the chip, but many are sleeping on the Warriors.

The Warriors have been a dominant basketball team for a long time and this year, they are just as dominant. They have rained terror on the league since 2015. They are arguably the best team in the 2010s.In just 10 games the Warriors have proven that they are serious title contenders with a record of 9-1. The Warriors have a tier 1 offense which means that they are offensively dominant with many unguardable players. Also, they have a tier 1 defense with many great defensive players like Draymond Green, a former defensive player of the year. In their first game against the favorites of the title, the Lakers, the Golden State Warriors beat them while in total scoring 121 points. This is their star, Stephen Curry having a bad game only shooting a measly 5-21 from the field. They also did this without their second-best player on the team Klay Thompson who will be returning to play in December who is a great defender and a great scorer. He actually has the record for most points in a quarter with 37 points. On top of all this, the Warriors have a great coach in Steve Kerr who has won a coach of the year award.

The Lakers will not win the title because they are two injury prone and their chemistry is just not good. The Nets won’t win the Championship because of one of their stars, Kyrie Irving not being allowed to play because he refuses to take the vaccine and without him, the Nets aren’t as good. The Bucks are a serious problem, but many of their stars are inconsistent except for Giannis Antetokounmpo. Steph Curry is also seeming like he is still improving even at his age and will another MVP-like season. Even Steven A. Smith, a respected NBA analyst, chosethe warriors to win the championship. Even the members of the team think they are a championship-worthy team. Another respected analyst, Kendrick Perkins thinks that the ceiling for the Warriors is an NBA Championship. It seems as if everyone is hopping on the Warriors bandwagon train.