León FC

Leon FC banner with a soccer ball on it.

Leon FC banner with a soccer ball on it.

Many people love soccer, either playing it or watching it on the TV. There are many leagues around the world because soccer is a worldwide sport. Everyone, or most of the people who like soccer, has a favorite team. In Mexico, there is a soccer league called Liga MX, where many teams such as Club América, Cruz Azul, Guadalajara, Tigres, and more. One of the teams in that league that is currently in third place is León FC. 


Club León, or León FC, is a soccer team that plays in the Liga MX league. This team came from and is named after their city’s name, León.  León, Guanajuato is a city that is located in the middle of Mexico. The team was founded in 1944, and the team is still playing.  Throughout those many years, they have won 8 Primera Division de Mexico, or Liga MX titles, since 1948. Sadly, they have been close to winning many of those titles but have failed to win one. 


Club León’s current coach right now is Ariel E. Holan. He has been coaching León for a few months since July 2021. The total number of players is about 33 soccer players in the team right now. There are four goalkeepers (goalies), nine defenders, 16 midfielders, and four attackers. Some of those players include Ángel Mena, Mauro Boselli and Víctor Dávila. They are some of the top players on the team. Ángel Mena, one of the best players in Club León, was born on January 21, 1988, in Guayaquil, Ecuador. He began his soccer career in 2007 and has played for many teams like Emelec, Cruz Azul, and is currently playing for León. His position is midfielder and kicks best with his left leg. Mena was in the top scorer record board for Club León and won that in 2019/2020. 


León FC is a strong team with great players, and that is why they are currently in third place in the league. Around their team logo, eight golden stars symbolize all the titles and seasons they’ve won. Not counting the times they have lost, they are still a great team to watch. The team surely does have the pride of a lion.