What are superstitions?


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A black cat

Starting centuries ago, humans have always believed in superstitions, or also known as supernatural happenings. These wildly popular paranormal beliefs can be anything from not crossing the street if you see a black cat to believing that a number will bring you misfortune. However, despite many people’s beliefs, scientific proof has confirmed that these supernatural beliefs are false and cannot be backed with any facts. That leads to why so many people believe in these superstitions and what types of people are more prone to be superstitious.

Research has shown that many superstitions originate from cultural beliefs. The people in a certain culture that have adapted these superstitions are more prone to be superstitious. After all, culture is something people think is good to preserve to show who they are and to show their authentic self. 

Another reason many people believe in superstition is because of how widely popular some of these beliefs are. One example of a superstition that is already widely popularized and normalized is the belief that 13 is an unlucky number. The reach of this popularity has made this number become taken seriously, and top-rated airlines such as Air France and Lufthansa don’t have a 13th row in their commercial airplanes for good luck.

Now wondering how many people actually believe in these superstitions, there was a survey a while back to see how many U.S. citizens believe in superstitions, and the results were shocking. The unbelievable results were that almost 25% of U.S. citizens said that they believed in superstitions, and close to 13% of people said that they would be bothered if they had a room on the 13th floor at a hotel. These statistics show that many people believe in these superstitions, and probably many more people unconsciously believe in these superstitions because everyone has said “bless you” when someone sneezes at some point.

Overall though, since superstitions have been around for many years, there will definitely be more superstitions created as time goes, and there will be an increase in people believing in them. People create superstitions to wish for greater power, and believing in some of these superstitions could be pretty interesting for everyone.