Visit Real Places from the Stories You Love!

Everyone has read a story or watched a movie with locations so magical that they have dreamed of being able to visit them. Well, now they can! Here are some places from tales people can actually visit!

Growing in popularity since 1997, the Harry Potter series has wowed its readers and audience. The plot, being so exciting and thrilling, left many children and adults wishing to set foot in some of the wonderful places described in the book. Luckily, many of the locations are real! The Hogwarts School, where the many films were shot, exists outside of the stories. Alnwick Castle, known as the Hogwarts school to fans, is where the film was mainly shot. The Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden built a replica of the Hogwarts school for fans to visit as well. To take it another step, fans are allowed to enroll in Hogwarts at Leavesden and participate in activities from the actual series.

However, if Harry’s story wasn’t interesting enough, magical places don’t stop there. Luckily for his adventurous fans, the archeological find does, in fact, exist. Petra is the name of the actual place where Indiana Jones travels in search of the Holy Grail. Petra is an ancient city of the Arab kingdom. This city was “lost” for many years to the western world. It is located in a rocky desert valley and surrounded by high mountains. After finally being discovered, it was named one of the seven wonders of the world. People from all over came to see it. Visits started to skyrocket after the Indiana Jones movie was released. Today, with proof of getting the vaccine, anyone can visit this wonder.

Finally, try visiting Kauai’s Na Pali Coast from Jurassic Park! That’s right, the film that was able to keep audience members on their toes the whole way through was actually filmed on a coast of a tropical island. This coast spreads 17 miles long and is filled with warm sand surrounded by beautiful blue waters. Visitors can enjoy local foods, sweet treats, and refreshing beverages at this incredible location. Boat tours, raft tours, hiking trails, and many more activities are available.

These three examples are just some places from popular movies/books. There are many more places anyone can visit from other tales that are just as captivating. There is no limit to the magic and wonders that can be experienced at any of these locations.