How Does Traveling Benefit Young People?


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Traveling can be great for the physical and mental health of someone

Young adults and teens can benefit in many ways from traveling. As a young teen, traveling allows them to explore different environments and experience cultures that may not be seen in their daily lives. In addition, teenagers are given more chances to attain awareness, acceptance, and adaptability to these new cultures and surroundings. Traveling can also boost the mindset and confidence of younger teens. It allows them to view themselves more positively while gaining the emotional and self-supporting independence they need to become successful adults. This privilege that many young teens and adults are given should definitely be taken advantage of while still having the chance.

According to WhereverFamily, a research study conducted by Contiki showed that there is a long-lasting impact on the younger people who travel to other places around the world. A sample study revealed that young adults of the ages 18-35 were benefited greatly by travel, in search of new careers, and their involvement in politics and overall orientation in relation to their desires. In addition, as they continue with their lives, having these experiences are helpful when making decisions. With travel, teenagers are given a chance to view how others live in their community and receive a firsthand account of their views in life.

Another part of the study shows that 42 percent of these young travelers have positive outcomes in connecting with others, creating new friendships, finding the right career, and adapting to different situations and circumstances. Not only does travel help younger people with their life path, but it can also help with maintaining a healthy diet. According to Contiki, traveling has helped around 40% of these travelers keep a healthy diet, and 33% are more likely to exercise daily. Traveling can affect the body in a positive way that allows more happiness in life and the ability to be ready to take on challenges that may show up in the future. 

Ultimately, it is super beneficial to travel at a young age and experience other places early on in life to create better adulthood before it’s too late. If teens take the time to go somewhere they haven’t been to during their free time, they may just find themselves finalizing their career paths or even changing their political standpoints based on what they have seen.