Should the Minimum Age for Jobs be Lowered From 16?

A job is a very common thing for most adults. Jobs help them earn money to help themselves live. Eventually, when they start a family, they have to use their money to buy themselves and their kids’ food, entertainment, furniture for their room, clothes, and much more. For a teenager, one efficient way for them to make money is by chores. Depending on how many chores they’re doing, they can earn a lot of money from their parents/guardians. A typical teenager always wants to go out with their friends to either go shopping or out to eat. If they can’t rely on their parents to give them money or their friends to pay for them, how else will they be able to maintain their money? If these kids want money because it’s money, then they should be allowed to work. Here are four reasons why the minimum age for jobs should be lowered from 16.

 The first reason why kids under the age of 16 should have jobs is that they start to become mature and more responsible. Some kids might have more maturity and responsibility than adults. They should be able to handle the stress and hard work like an adult would. They use a lot of their parents’ money to buy things they want, and parents can’t pay for everything their child wants. They can use their money to buy their own things with their jobs. They can gain more responsibility at a young age, which will eventually help them when they become parents and have more difficult jobs. Some of these kids are able to gain academic and physical skills. There are also a lot of easy jobs for kids to start as. This includes a fast-food attendant, car wash attendant, kennel assistant, grocery store cashier, daycare assistant, concession stand worker, restaurant server, a restaurant host/hostess and much more.

 The second reason kids under the age of 16 should have jobs is because they might have the skills that the jobs are asking for. Fast food restaurants and regular restaurants could be good for the kids who are good at cooking. They could do well in this position and help their business a lot if they’re able to come up with any meals to start serving. Anything that deals with technology and creating something with it is for the kids who have done computer science. They can help create websites and games if they’re good at it. Good writers should be able to work for whom they want to work for and what they want to work for since they are good at writing. There are many jobs for kids to become if they’re good at it and could help the business. If they can handle the stress and hours they have to work, they should be able to handle the job at a young age.

 The third reason why kids under the age of 16 should be allowed jobs is because of the things that can happen to their family that could come unexpectedly. One bad thing that could happen is if their parents lose their jobs. In order to not keep losing money, the kids will need to keep this up with their jobs. This could help their family a lot and could prevent them from losing their home. When parents are looking for another job, it prevents the stress they have to go through when struggling with having money.

 The fourth reason students should have jobs is that it gets them to work. Nowadays, most teenagers and kids are stuck on their phones and electronics at home. With their jobs, they can be productive, and these jobs force them to be away from their phones and electronics, which most kids would be on most of their day when they have free time.

All in all, the minimum age to have a job should be lowered from 16 to be able to let younger kids have these jobs. If they are capable of doing what the job is asking them to do, then it doesn’t make sense why they can’t be allowed to work. If they have jobs, this allows them to make money if their parents can’t. Without using their parents’ money, they can pay off what they want or need.