How TikTok Rose to Fame


via Pixabay

A photo of the TikTok logo

There have been many unique and popular social media platforms that have been produced throughout the century, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Youtube. These platforms grew in a relatively regular way, with people making posts or videos, other people interacting or watching them, and eventually gaining fame. Famous users of these platforms can keep their popularity and fame over many years, but it’s harder for lesser-known creators to get as famous as the most popular ones. Although this is true for these platforms, it’s different on TikTok.

The first way TikTok got so popular was because of the algorithm. Users posting odd, random videos on the app can get famous overnight. These videos can include videos of pets, random low-quality videos, or multiple meme videos, and random images compiled into a one-minute-long video. This leads to other users making the same types of videos and also getting likes and views. Many accounts that gain popularity over one video usually continue to make that type of content. There is even an account on TikTok, @lowqualitypost, that has about 4.5 million users following it. All of the posts on the account are just funny, low-quality videos.

Yet another reason as to why the app is so popular is because of the coronavirus lockdown. This might not seem like a relevant reason, but it isn’t a coincidence that the number of TikTok users jumped from 507 million in December of 2019 to 2 billion in April of 2020. To add to that, the revenue generated by TikTok in 2019 went up by almost six times from $350 million to $1.9 million in 2020. Ever since the start of 2020, the income of TikTok has gone up by $300 million. 

The concluding reason why TikTok is so popular is because of how addicting it is. The swipe feature has been popular on many social media platforms, and it is no different on TikTok. The videos on the app are so addicting that it makes the people watching want to swipe and swipe and swipe. Even if they see just one funny video, the viewer would want to keep scrolling and seeing more funny and interesting videos. 

Overall, there is an abundance of reasons that show why TikTok is so popular. All of these reasons lead to more engagement and users, which leads to much more revenue to stay at the top of social media platforms.