Shooting on the Rust Movie Set


Movie set

n a shocking turn of events, a woman was shot and killed during the filming of the western movie ‘Rust’. The victim, Halyna Hutchins, died before reaching the hospital that Thursday, having been fatally wounded by actor Alec Baldwin. Baldwin had accidentally shot her with what was supposed to be a cold prop gun. The tragic accident that ended the life of the cinematographer was caused by a chain of mistakes that never should have been possible. 

Although no charges have been filed, many could be blamed for the tragedy. The gun that led to Hutchins’s untimely death had already had three similar issues, and nothing had been done. The crew had been repeatedly assured that the gun was cold, meaning that it would shoot blanks. Rust’s assistant director admits to not having fully checked the gun for safety hazards. Hutchins was killed between scene rehearsals by Baldwin, who was shocked at what happened. He had not meant her any harm. Filming had been taking place in Bonanza Creek Ranch, Sante Fe County. The sheriff’s office of Santa Fe County is investigating the case, and upon finding a shell, they concluded that safety had been neglected. Juan Rios, an officer, says they are trying to figure out how and what was in the firearm. An unnamed crew member pointed out the previous three incidents, and how “nothing was done.”

Veteran firearms supervisor, Mike Tristano, was baffled by the predicament, and even more confused when the firearm checker had no idea what was going on either. “I think it’s a ridiculous statement,” Tristano said on Friday. “How could you not know what’s on your set in terms of anything that’s related to the weapons you’re supposed to be handling?” 

This tragedy has no happy endings, and currently no definite solution. No one understands why Hutchins died, or why the gun had been loaded in the first place. It is unknown if that bullet was meant for someone else, or if it was entirely an accident. Regardless of the cause, an innocent person has been killed for no good reason at all. It is extremely important to use proper precautions when handling weapons, and everyone can only hope that safety will be better regulated on movie sets in the future. Hopefully, Ms. Hutchins’ case will be solved in the near future, and such an event will never occur again.