Pros and Cons of Tech on Campus

A line of students working on their computers


A line of students working on their computers

Currently, schools worldwide have been more lenient to allow students to use phones or other electronic devices on campus and in classes. Technology can intrigue students to pay attention and makes the class interesting and enjoyable. This can be used to excite the young minds of students by learning the same education differently, but it can also cause problems. Students can play non-educational games which distract them from their teacher or class assignments. Schools have done a good job of blocking sites and game websites, but the internet stretches very far, and not everything can be blocked. Phones, especially, aren’t school electronics, so students can access anything they can get their hands on. Technology is fast-growing, and most jobs work on computers and other devices. 


This is a new world, and technology is at the foundation of it. Growing students’ knowledge at an earlier stage of their life can be beneficial for their future. Allowing children to listen to music is important if technology is allowed on campus. Music can calm the mind down, making it easier to focus. This increases task endurance, making students work for longer periods of time without being sidetracked. 


School can be seen as stressful for some students, but music can reduce anxiety, putting the student in a better mood. Although, this could also cause problems, as students may lose headphones and even phones. Headphones can also have noise cancellation,  blocking out the teachings of educators on campus. Learning and preparing for your adult life is essential, but blocking out your teacher’s voice is doing the opposite. Teachers want you to be present in class and aware of your surroundings. It’s so easy to put headphones on a clock out for the day. 


Tech saves time for students who have many classes. Sending an email on your phone or computer is quick and efficient. Computers produce assignments faster than old-school pencil and paper. Apps on your phone help you understand the task at hand, providing beneficial education for the students in a quick fashion.