Staff Spotlight: Mr. Putman

Mr. Putman is one of the many talented and artistic teachers at Kraemer Middle School in Placentia, California. He first settled into Kraemer during the 2017-2018 school year as a History teacher. The subjects that Mr. Putman teaches range from GATE and Honors Social Studies to the elective GEAR UP. 


 Mr. Putman was born in Long Beach, California.  During his freshman year in high school, his music teacher needed a guitar player. He volunteered, which led to Mr. Putman forming a high school band with his friends. His band, called Cloud City, was eventually signed to a  label and toured around the world. Mr. Putman continues to put his talents to good use by teaching and inspiring other musicians in his Guitar Club. At the age of twenty, he decided that he wanted to go to school to become a teacher.  Then, five years later, he decided to go to college and make his dream of teaching a reality. After several long years of school, Mr. Putman got his first teaching job at Valadez Middle School Academy. He was busy on tour and going to school during all the time he had met someone through a mutual friend. After dating for a while, they got married and have been happily married. Since then, they’ve had a daughter together.  


Throughout his years of teaching, he has been an Honor, GATE, and GEAR UP teacher. He is currently a GATE social studies and GEAR UP teacher. With the help of the school counselors, wellness specialists, and others, Mr. Putman teaches his elective class that helps students with academic struggles and even personal problems. It teaches the students in this helpful class how to deal with and process problems they may have. Only a small number of students are in each of the classes which are divided by boys and girls. Each class consists of around eleven to thirteen students. 


Every student who has had him as a teacher loves and remembers him as a very kind and humble person. He is among one of the most respected and amazing teachers out of all the history teachers here at Kraemer. He is very talented in all areas and is a great teacher that you could go to if you need anyone to listen to, talk to, or even get help with any school work. He has come so far from where he started and continues to achieve more and more.