Student Spotlight: Chloe L.


Kind, considerate, and studious, Chloe L. is many things. Whether it be school, sports, or extracurricular activities, this 8th grader puts all her effort into everything she does. Outside of her busy academic life, Chloe spends her time pursuing her many hobbies and loves spending time with her family.

Prior to her time at Kraemer, Chloe attended Lakeview Elementary School and later transferred to Golden Elementary in the 5th grade. Last year, Chloe remained a distance learner throughout the duration of the school year but is excited to be back in person. This year, she is taking Spanish 1B and Vocal Ensemble as her electives. On Thursdays after school, Chloe spends her time as a Kraemer Distance Runner. While Chloe likes and dislikes certain subjects, her favorite subject is math because she finds it fun to solve problems with numbers. She takes her studies very seriously and keeps to herself but is always ready to lend a helping hand. 

Outside of school, Chloe is active in numerous hobbies. For four years, Chloe has consistently played soccer, which so happens to be her favorite sport because of the teamwork and the way the game interacts. Additionally, she plays tennis and goes bike riding and hiking. Chloe also showcases an interest in the arts – drawing, painting, etc. Playing the piano is another pastime Chloe enjoys, as playing always calms her down when stressed, and she can express herself through the music. Aside from playing the piano, Chloe delves into the pages of books and stories. Her favorite book genre would have to be mystery, as it keeps the reader excited with the suspense, and makes the reader want to keep reading to solve the numerous, unanswered questions in the story. If not playing sports, drawing, playing the piano, or reading, Chloe spends her free time watching movies, TV shows, or anime, with her favorite anime being Death Note.

When Chloe isn’t active in her many hobbies, she spends time with her family. This includes her dad, mom, younger brother Lucas, and, of course, her adorable Havanese puppy, Mimi, who is a new member of the family. Usually, Chloe’s family spends time watching movies together or playing card games. Chloe’s family enjoys traveling during summer break and the holidays. So far, they’ve been to Japan, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, and many other places in the world. Out of all the places her family traveled to, Chloe’s favorite would have to be Japan, as it was a different setting than what she was used to. Alongside that, the technology was advanced, the food was amazing, and the cherry blossom trees were beautiful.

Overall, Chloe L., an 8th-grade student at Kraemer, has a fascinating but busy life. Alongside school, she plays sports but has numerous, delightful hobbies. However, she always has time in her busy schedule to spend time with her family, and she couldn’t ask for more.