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New Macbook Pro 2021

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New Macbook Pro 2021

Laptops have been extremely expensive with mediocre performance, but with the Apple M1 chip just getting released, it is the new era of technology. Its efficiency is stunning and is also being added to iPads.

The Windows Surface Pros are the closest things to Macbooks, and they used to be close competitors in the hardware. Now, the M1 chip puts Microsoft to shame. The chip features an ultra-fast eight-core CPU at about 3.2 GHz, a seven-core video card, and a 16 core Neural Engine. Most PCs have all of this, but in a huge computer chassis that takes up a lot of space. However, for the new Macbook, it is all in a tiny 5-nanometer square. The fastest surface pro costs about $1,500 dollars but only has a four-core i7 processor and integrated graphics. This means that the CPU has to generate the graphics/display, too, instead of focusing on just processing the actions. PCs or laptops with integrated graphics are always much slower than having a real GPU. Saving about $650 dollars, the least expensive M1 Macbook goes for around $850. Instead of having just four cores like the Surface Pro, it has eight cores and has a physical GPU. However, the screen is the one downfall. The Surface Pro has a 2736 by 1824 screen resolution (sharper than 1080p), while the Macbook has a 2560 by 1600 screen.

Back to the pros, the M1 chip has excellent cooling. It is equipped with a thick plate to draw heat away. This also means that it can play games without overheating but with high FPS at the same time. It can reach an astounding 120 FPS with a 1080p resolution in Fortnite, making it one of the few laptops to reach that while not being a gaming laptop. Other games like Minecraft, Roblox, and Valorant all run even smoother because Fortnite has way more detail. Different models of the new Macbook range from just the chip to having a touch screen bar on the keyboard with a touch screen display. Prices range about $500.

The all-new M1-chip Macbook has revolutionized the computer industry. It beat out all competitors without a fight and sent business booming. As of 2021, this new product has been one of the most popular products from Apple. In conclusion, this device will definitely set records and be one of the cheapest, most powerful devices in the world.