Outlaw of Dogs: Tendency Towards Violence


via Treats and Tails

Dogs are man’s best friend

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” People have always been judged and discriminated against because of what others thought about them, even though they weren’t true. This idea of thinking goes the same with dogs. Specific breeds of dogs have always been categorized as “aggressive” or “violent” toward their surroundings. Many people avoid certain types of dogs because of stereotypes, especially pit bulls. Some pit bulls were chosen and trained for their fighting abilities, but many people choose to base their perspective of pit bulls only on the ones that were bred to fight. Dog breeds should not be outlawed because of stereotypes, irresponsible owners, and the consequences of human actions.

 First off, there are many stereotypes about specific dog breeds. As said before, people stereotype dog breeds just by the few aggressive ones that they see. These stereotypes are not true. They are just generalized and received ideas that leave a heinous reputation on these dogs. There have been many dog biting incidents reported, with more than half of them supposedly being pit bulls. This is likely to be false since people misinterpret specific dog breeds just by looking at their physical appearance. A great number of mixed dog breeds can’t correctly be identified, which is also a stereotype. Some people might say that there is a reason why these stereotypes exist and that the majority of a breed can be like that. Just because people think that a dog breed acts a certain way doesn’t mean they are right. Not all dogs of a certain breed behave that way. Stereotypes can create a bad reputation for many dogs, even if they are not true.

Irresponsible owners can also be the cause of a dog’s aggression. Most dogs are not trained at first when they are brought to their foster home. However, with proper training, they can learn how to obey their owners and how to behave with others around them. There are many irresponsible owners that don’t train their dogs and just let them be. Since the dogs don’t know what’s wrong or what to do around people, they can end up showing aggression toward others. The dog is not at fault when these things happen because the owners were supposed to train them properly. These types of dogs have never been disciplined before, making them less likely to listen to their irresponsible owners if they try to stop them. Also, many owners raise their dogs to be aggressive purposely for many reasons, such as hunting and guarding dogs. However, many people have a misconception in thinking that dogs have belligerence in their genes, causing them to exhibit certain behavior. Even so, dogs can change their behavior and can learn the rights and wrongs with enough training. Accordingly, the reported aggression in dogs is likely to be because of careless owners.

Last but not least, humans domesticated dogs. A long time ago, dogs were not domesticated but instead living out in the wild. They are descendants of wolves, so they naturally have a prey drive. Humans later on domesticated dogs and tamed them. Pit bulls today are descendants of the original English bull-baiting dog, a dog that was bred to bite and hold large animals such as bulls around the face and head. Humans knew the intentions of breeding this dog, so the blame shouldn’t be on pit bulls and other supposedly aggressive dogs.

On the other hand, humans might not have known what the future would be like with these more dangerous dogs. Humans did domesticate dogs, so they shouldn’t be the ones deciding whether breeds are banned. People wouldn’t have a problem with these dogs if they didn’t domesticate them, but since they did, they should be the ones responsible for the dogs’ behavior. Certain dog breeds shouldn’t have to face any prejudice since they’re not the ones at fault. 

Clearly, specific types of dog breeds shouldn’t be banned because of the stereotypes, irresponsible owners, and the fact that humans domesticated them. There are endless amounts of stereotypes that create biases towards certain dog breeds. A handful of them, though, are not true and are just the way people compartmentalize all dogs of that breed. Irresponsible owners that don’t care about their dog’s actions tend to leave them untrained, which causes more dangerous accidents with their surroundings. This can lead to other people thinking that all dogs of that breed are dangerous. Also, humans domesticated dogs that were originally from the wild. They did this knowing that they are aggressive so they shouldn’t be the ones choosing whether they should be banned or not. All owners should be responsible for their dog’s aggression. Therefore, dogs should not be discriminated against and judged by people because of someone else’s actions.