Should schools be able to mandate masks?


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Masks help reduce Covid-19 exposure

In recent years, Covid-19 has been terrorizing the world with its deadly outbreaks. With the cases slowly declining, the majority of schools are going back in person. Many schools are trying to stop the spread of the virus by requiring masks. This raises the question, though, should schools be allowed to force students to wear masks? 

With cases on the rise due to the spread of the new Delta variant, schools are even more strict with regulating masks. At Kraemer Middle School, when indoors, all students are required to wear masks above their noses. 

Not long ago, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill mandating vaccinations for schools as soon as January 2022. This comes with a given that masks would also be mandatory; however, many families are suspicious about the vaccine and Coronavirus in general. 

Anti-mask and Anti-vaccine protesters are groups of people that refuse to wear medical face masks because it is threatening their freedom. Many people are livid by the fact that these people are putting children’s lives at risk in pursuit of so-called facial freedom. This stubbornness is causing more and more cases throughout the country. One protester states, “It’s a violation of my freedom, I think, and then also I just don’t think they work.” These ignorant remarks are supposed to justify putting millions of children in danger.

Medical/Surgical masks are loose-fitting and disposable; their purpose is to protect the wearer from germs. N95 masks are respirators that offer more protection than medical masks. Many people who don’t have access to these masks are making their own cloth masks. Although cloth masks are less effective than the previous two, they act as a virus barrier.

Education administrators are worried about unvaccinated kids going to school as smaller children are less responsible with safety precautions. These Safety precautions are the main reason we are still waking up at 6-7 in the morning and rushing kids to school. To the majority of people, wearing masks and preventing the spread of the virus is evident, sadly it’s not so obvious to others.