Should Public Service Workers Have Mandatory Vaccinations?


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It has been proved that the Covid-19 vaccine is good, but people still refuse to get it.

Since the vaccine was approved, people have been arguing non-stop about whether or not the vaccine is safe and effective. Even though dozens of tests have shown that the vaccine is successful, people still make bizarre excuses not to receive the vaccine. When that happens,  many of the workers that interact with the public still refuse to get the vaccine or wear a mask even though they are endangering the public. Even though it is public knowledge this is harmful; these workers continue to do it. People refuse to understand that if they get the virus, they could unintentionally harm a lot of vulnerable people. Instead of learning about the vaccine, they avoid the vaccine and call it dangerous for various reasons that make no sense. If people had tried to understand what Covid-19 was and how to stop it from the beginning, this pandemic would have been over by now.

Since the beginning, people have always been afraid of what they don’t understand. Instead of trying to understand, they avoid whatever it is and call it something it’s not. Unfortunately, many people today are still like this, especially the older generation. Right now, this “something” is the Covid-19 vaccine, and the stories some people have made up about the vaccine are truly unbelievable. Things like “getting the vaccine will enable the government to track people wherever they go” or “the vaccine turns people into monkeys” are just a couple of things people have made up. The most surprising thing, though, is the number of people who believe this nonsense.

When people believe the vaccine will harm them, they try to avoid it at all costs. They even go to the extent of proclaiming that being forced to wear a mask or get the vaccine goes against their rights as Americans. Since they’re being “forced” to do something, even though it would be benefiting the economy, people take it personally and state that they’re being discriminated against. Being asked to get the vaccine and/or wear a mask in public is not discrimination because everyone is being asked the same thing. It isn’t just one specific group being asked to do this.

The Covid virus travels through the air when people cough, sneeze or even talk. Vaccinated people can still spread Covid if they have come in contact with someone who has the virus. There is always a chance that someone can get the illness even if they are vaccinated with any vaccine. Though there is a good chance, the person won’t even know they have the virus because their body can fight it off. The benefit of this is that there will be a significantly less number of hospitalized people if they get Covid. Hospital space was a big problem in the early stages of Covid, but the vaccine has been helping with the availability of hospital beds.

Public workers should especially get the vaccine or at least wear masks at all times because they are interacting with people by talking or even by physical means. People who work outside and interact with the public are not as big of a risk and should not be forced to get the vaccine, but should at least be recommended to. Being outside is not as big of a risk because it’s a bigger space which means that the germs will disperse into the air before being inhaled by another individual. Although outside public workers should have an option, public workers who are always inside should be forced to get the vaccine and wear a mask. In enclosed spaces, germs cannot escape, so being inside increases the risk of someone getting exposed to the virus.

If public workers continue to not get the vaccine and/or wear a mask when interacting with people, this pandemic will never end. The sad thing, though, is that the people who caused the pandemic to continue will never admit that it was partly their fault. Some may also not understand that it was their fault because they choose not to believe that the vaccine and wearing a mask helps. If public workers are forced to wear masks and receive vaccinations, it will ensure the safety of  others.