Clubs on Campus

At Kraemer Middle School, there are so many club activities to join. Some are after school, others during pride. If anyone enjoys drawing, join the art club. If students want to learn something new, try the guitar club. There’s something available for everyone to learn and experience.


An extremely popular club is the Art club. This club is a safe place for anyone to express themselves through making art and drawing. Supplies and instructions will be provided so that students can develop and enhance their creativity without worrying about the cost. The club is held by Mrs. Simon every Wednesday after school from 3:35-4:30 in room 804. 


If a student is into sports, check out the basketball club. In the club, it doesn’t matter what age or gender the students are; they can form a team with anyone as long as it’s fair. The club was created by a group of boys. Even though most of the players are boys, girls are more than welcome to check it out. The club plans on doing tournaments and competing against other schools when possible. This club meets every Wednesday after school at the blacktop from 3:30-4:30. 


Good with hands? Join the guitar club where students learn the basic notes and can become better players. The teacher will distribute a guitar and guitar pick to students if they need them. Once students can play songs, it is an option for them to perform during events, but only if they feel comfortable. The club will be held in the MPR every Thursday from 3:35-4:30.


If students like to debate on politics or opinions, try the debate club. Debating is a popular and useful skill these days. Whether it be about politics, who’s the best character in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), or what flavor of ice cream is the best, this club is perfect for debating those topics. If someone ever wants to win an argument with a friend, coming to the club will be as good as practicing. This club also helps with public speaking, so it’s a safe place to start if someone wants to step out of their comfort zone and have more grit. 

Mr. Castro, activities director