Formula 1 Update


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Formula one race car

As the end of the F1 season approaches, tension is thicker than ever, and the controversy is high. For those who don’t know, F1, or Formula 1, is a series of races between the best-trained racers in the world to decide which team and which racer is the best. This year the races so far have not given an entirely clear indication of who will be victorious, and the debate between Hamilton and Verstappen has two valid sides. 


Tied neck-to-neck, Louis Hamilton and Max Verstappen compete for first place in the final championship. Everyone is excited to see who will succeed this year. Although Verstappen claims that he will not take it too badly if he doesn’t get the top spot on the podium, it is hard to know how honest he really is about it. Based on the fact that he’s a racer and quite a good one at that, there ought to be some competitiveness in him, something that has pushed him this far towards success. Don’t forget that Verstappen has been known to have a bit of an unpleasant temper in the past. It sometimes pops up in the present day as well, such as when Verstappen recently ran over Hamilton and his car with his own car and then stormed off instead of checking on him. In the meanwhile, Hamilton is upset that he lost the Turkish match, choosing to blame his team for it. He claims that Mercedes made the wrong decision in making him follow their rules. Hamilton, however, is straightforward about being competitive in his anger that Verstappen beat him in Turkey. 


Currently, amidst all the drama and rage, Verstappen stands in first, with 262.5 points, seven wins, and twelve podiums. Hamilton is a close second, having 256.5 points, five wins, and eleven times on the podium. Bottas, Norris, and Perez take third, fourth, and fifth place, respectively. Bottas and Verstappen race for Red Bull, and Hamilton and Bottas are withMercedes. Perez races for McLaren. 


Despite being the best, Verstappen demands that Red Bull steps up their game. He claims they could do better. Meanwhile, Hamilton remains unhappy about his loss in the Turkish game. Mercedes argues that they were just trying to play it safe. The stress levels are high, and every little victory that happened now counts. The final of the twenty-three races will be held on the twelfth of December, 2021. The people are excited, and Verstappen and Hamilton both stand a fair chance at the moment.