Elective Spotlight: Exploratory Wheel- Music Appreciation


Instruments, musical symbols, and other images representing music

Music Appreciation is an elective in the exploratory wheel. It is a cycle of three classes for each semester. Music appreciation is very self-explanatory. This class teaches you to appreciate music from all over the world. It could be hip-hop, disco, or anything else as long as it’s school-appropriate. The teacher in room 304, Ms. Brencius, teaches Music Appreciation for most of the periods.. The first music appreciation class starts at period 3 and the last class finishes at period 7. But, what makes this class fun and exciting? 

What makes this class very thrilling is that there is one assignment called listening journals where students listen to a song of any kind and rate it. Then, students write three sentences about what makes it bad or good. It doesn’t take that long to finish the listening journal and should only take around ten minutes or less. Another thing that makes this class amusing and chill is that they do Kahoot games, which is a website or an app on a phone. There’s a computer where the board has the question and the answers on the shapes and people pick the shape with the right answer. Overall, this game is very fun and gets people hyped up. Sometimes, there’s candy or some other prize for the top three winners. 

More reasons that makes this class pretty cool is that Ms. Brencius plays multiple different instruments that she sometimes plays for the class. One of those being the giant classical piano she has in her classroom. She plays the piano before the students enter the class and after the students leave the class. When the students enter the class while she plays the piano, they say it feels nice and comfortable. Students are allowed to talk when the teacher stops talking. Ms. Brencuis sometimes puts on a movie with some songs in it and has students watch the movie for about three or more days. Every now and then she does notes for a certain instrument family and she gives out scrambled words and a word search. She allows students to chat and share answers with other students during that time. Ms. Brencuis sometimes lets students listen to music while working and, if you finish work early, she lets students go on their computer or phone quietly. All in all, this class is very relaxing and thrilling. As soon as you walk into that class those 45 minutes feel very short.