Clubs on Campus

A picture representing school clubs by putting the letters of the word in hexagons.

A picture representing school clubs by putting the letters of the word in hexagons.

At Kraemer Middle School, there are so many cool and fun clubs on campus anyone can join! Some clubs students can join are the Fellowship Club, Hip hop Club, Art Club, Guitar Club, and many more. All of these clubs give people a chance to meet new classmates and make friends! Everyone gets to interact with others who also love enjoying doing the activity. 


Everyone at Kraemer Middle School has a club to go to and can have fun being there! Although, the clubs sometimes require students to stay after school. Most clubs end by 4:30, though. It could be a little tiring after a while of staying after school, but it is still fun to participate in. Once someone has settled in their clubs, everyone will be very welcoming to the person who has chosen that club. Being in these clubs will be a safe and healthy environment which will help everyone make new friends. All of these clubs would enjoy having so many people in them! Being able to play the guitar, draw people or plants, wave a flag at a parade, and so much more! Being able to create and do whatever the student wants in these clubs is truly a wonderful thing.  


Many students at Kraemer have said that their favorite clubs are Art and Guitar. They say that it lets them express their feelings in different ways that make them happy. Letting out the student’s feelings through different activities is calming. Both students and teachers enjoy all of these clubs and how the students interact with one another during the time they have with each other after school. These after-school activities will bring everyone the best time ever. Color guard students get to be in the Heritage day parade which is pretty cool. Parents will be there to watch the students wave their flags and even throw their flags in the air.


In general, all these clubs are super fun and would love to have everyone join them. Anyone who joins a club will be happy with what they choose. Our teachers and ASB students are very generous in making all of these clubs for Kraemer.