What There is to Know About Pokemon’s Three New Games


via Pixabay

A Pokeball, which is used to capture Pokemon

Over the years, the Pokemon Company has made one hundred and twenty-two games and has created eight hundred and ninety-eight individual pokemon. Over the next couple of months, the Pokemon Company releases a new main series game and two remakes. This new main series game is called Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and the two remakes are Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, which are the new versions of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Pokemon Legends: Arceus takes elements from RPG games and has a unique battle system, unlike any other main series game. It takes place in the ancient Hisui region, later named the Sinnoh region, and takes geographical and architectural inspiration from ancient Japan. Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be releasing next year on January 22nd, 2022. Pokemon fans witnessed the first trailer on September 28th. The trailer showed players new Pokemon variants, character customization, the new battle system, and the release date. Pokemon Legends: Arceus introduces a new battle system and a new catching system. The player has to hide in tall grass, sneak up on a Pokemon, then throw a Pokeball at it and hope it doesn’t break free. To instigate a battle, the player must aim and throw a Pokeball containing a Pokemon near the desired opponent. There are two types of fighting styles available, agile and strong style. The agile style decreases damage but increases attack rate, while the strong style does the exact opposite.

Something else the trailer showed was Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the long-anticipated remakes. Not only do these new remakes have better graphics, but they also have new features, such as character customization, the Grand Underground, Super Contest shows, and Pokeball customization. Character customization isn’t very new to Pokemon games in general, but it is definitely a welcome new addition to Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. The Grand Underground is an entirely new feature that allows players to explore caves unique to the statues the player places in their secret base. These caves contain Pokemon that are rare and can’t be found anywhere else. Super Contest shows were already in the old Diamond and Pearl but have been revamped and more activities. Pokeball customization was also in the original Diamond and Pearl but has been revamped to look nicer as well. The customized Pokeball can have unique effects depending on what stickers are on it.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ release date seems painfully far away, but fear not, fans, as Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are coming out just next month! Pokemon’s new games have groundbreaking graphics and multiple new features have all of their fans waiting impatiently like a child in the backseat asking, “Are we there yet?” during these next few months. Until these new games are released, fans will just have to sit and wait for the next Pokemon Livestream to introduce more trailers and announce the release of these marvelous creations.