5 Ways to Protect Yourself From Hackers on Discord Servers

No matter where you live, the internet is all around us, and people have been using it to stay connected even when they aren’t together. Chat blogs, phone calls, and, most popularly today, Discord! Discord is a place where you can create servers that are used to communicate with friends or strangers over text and video calls and is used by millions of people. Unfortunately, just like with every corner of the internet, there are hackers. Hackers meant to blackmail you, steal your money, humiliate you, etc. This may sound hopeless, but it is very easy to protect yourself from these despicable people. Here are five ways to stay safe from scammers on Discord.


    Number One: Do not join servers that your friends don’t belong to. It may be fun to talk with strangers online since each of them has a unique personality, but it is by far the easiest way to protect yourself. If you join a server owned by someone you don’t know, anyone could be there, including hackers, which would have easy access to be able to send you messages, scams, or find your IP (internet protocol) address, which would let them do a lot of things with your account. So, as long as your friends aren’t hackers as well, there would be no way for someone to access you without knowing your exact account name if you just stayed in servers that only involved your friends. Just following this one rule will protect you for good, but if you want to join other servers, then the next four tips are for you!


    Number Two: Set your Direct Messages to “Friends Only.” Direct Message is a feature on Discord that allows you to talk with someone one on one and not have the messages be leaked to the entire Discord server. Anyone can DM you as long as you are both on the same server together. However, this is also used as the main tool of destruction for these hackers. The most common scam that will happen is that they will DM you, possibly pretending to be one of your friends. They will then make you click on a link or join another server, where they have full access to your account and all the private information it stores. To prevent this from occurring, simply make it so that no one can Direct Messages except for people that you have added as friends, which creates an excellent protective filter.


    Number Three: (Very important!) NEVER click on any links that you don’t know of. If someone sends you a link to a website or a download link that you don’t know of, NEVER CLICK IT! Many of these websites are made so that hackers can steal your IP, allow dangerous malware onto your computer, which is used to steal money and credit card data, or download files that will effectively turn your computer into a very expensive paperweight. Especially if the link comes from someone you don’t know, the best course of action would be to report the account to Discord for possibly trying to scam you and block them immediately. You should also pay close attention to the names of the links, as you will often see something off. For example, if someone sends you a link to “youtube.org,” you would probably think it was just a video they wanted you to see, but in reality, it might be a hack as the correct YouTube link would be “youtube.com”. Always search these links on Google and then the word “scam” after it. If it is truly a scam, lots of videos will most likely pop up talking about the website being dangerous.


    Number Four: Turn on Two-Factor Authentication. Two-Factor Authentication is a process where, after logging into your Discord account, it sends an email to your Gmail account with a code needed to verify that it’s really you. While it may be annoying to go to a completely different website every time you want to log in, it makes it virtually impossible for a hacker to get into your account. They would have to know your Gmail account name and Gmail password, and your Discord password, which is way too much information just to guess. It would be a total waste of the hacker’s time to try and get into your account, as they would most likely hack three others in the time it takes. If you want to take the extra mile, make a very long and hard to crack the password to make it even harder for a hacker to get in. 


    Number Five: Buy a VPN. A VPN is an incredibly useful tool for browsing anywhere on the internet, especially on Discord. What it does is that it basically keeps your data safe and also makes it so that hackers can’t find out where you live and makes suspicious places safer. For example, if a hacker tries to get your IP address, the VPN will change your IP to a fake one with which the person can do nothing useful. Sure, VPNs aren’t foolproof but are as important as all four of these tips compacted into one. The only downside is that they aren’t free but still pretty cheap, being roughly only $50 per year. No, this article isn’t sponsored by them, but it truly is a cool extension to computer security.


    Moral of the Story: Be careful on the internet! You never know what danger may be lurking behind something innocent.