Book Review: The Last Kids On Earth


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The cover of the first book from the Last Kids on Earth series

Life in a normal world can be difficult. But life in a monster apocalypse could be even more complicated or much more fun. Any person can find living in a monster apocalypse scary and terrifying, but for 13-year-old orphan Jack Sullivan, living in a world with monsters and zombies is like a video game. The Last Kids on Earth is an adventurous and thrilling book series written by Max Brallier and illustrated by Douglas Holgate. Scary and funny adventures are stuffed in each book. Dramatic scenes and glorious moments occur in the town of Wakefield during the horrible monster apocalypse.


The first book of The Last Kids on Earth series was published in 2015. It is about a thirteen-year-old orphan who loved playing video games and treated life as if it was a game. Suddenly, portals in the sky opened and brought down monsters and a zombie plague. He knew his life was going to change forever. Throughout time, Jack Sullivan, the main character, tries to survive the monster apocalypse. The weapon he uses to protect himself from monsters is a broken Louisville Slugger. Then he gets in touch with his best friend, Quint Baker, who is a genius. A couple of days later, they find two of their schoolmates, Dirk Savage, the school bully, and June Del Toro, the newspaper editor, and Jack’s crush. Jack also finds a nice monster dog and names him Rover. When the group is finally together, they battle the smart and wicked monster called Blarg. Jack, Quint, Dirk, and June are the only humans left in Wakefield. Together, they struggle to survive and have big laughs and excitement. They could be the last kids on earth.


Max Brallier is an American author and writer of The Last Kids On Earth. He was born on September 8th, 1983. He is married to Alyse Diamond and has one daughter named Lila. Brallier has written over 30 books and is most famous for writing The Last Kids on Earth series. 

Douglas Holgate is a comic book artist and illustrator of The Last Kids On Earth series. He has illustrated many books for over ten years. He illustrated many books like The last kids on Earth books 1-7, Case File 13, Cheesie Mack, Zoo Sleepover, and more.


In 2019, Netflix released a TV show called The Last Kids on Earth. It is based on The book series of the same title. There might be some scenes that are not in the books, but it is equally exciting, breathtaking, scary, and hilarious.

The Last Kids on Earth is a book of exciting fictional events about a group of four children trying to survive a monster and zombie apocalypse with unlimited supplies. Living in a terrifying world with horrors from another dimension and residing in a treehouse that’s armed with homemade weapons and all kinds of junk food could change Jack, Quint, Dirk, and June’s lives forever.