Princess Mako: The Royal Rebel

Princess Makos fiance, Komuro Kei, stands at a podium.

via Wikimedia Commons

Princess Mako’s fiance, Komuro Kei, stands at a podium.

In most fairy tales, the princesses are known to marry princes. However, in this fairy tale, the princess has chosen to marry someone she loves regardless of his status as a commoner. Princess Mako has chosen to break the guidelines and, with the support of her parents, is ready to get married and give up her royal status.

Princess Mako was born to Crown Prince Fumihito and Princess Kiko. She is a member of the imperial family and has two younger siblings. Growing up, she went to the Gakushūin school; a school made for the children of Japanese nobility. Education was very important to the Princess, so she followed her passion for art to study for a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Culture Heritage at the International Christian University. This was also where she met her future husband. She also attended University College Dublin in July and August to study English. Princess Mako also went to the University of Edinburgh to learn Art History and the University of Leicester to study for an MA in Art Museum and Gallery studies.

As stated before, Princess Mako and her fiance Komuro Kei first met at the International Christian University in Tokyo. As they grew as students, they also grew as friends and eventually evolved into lovers. In 2017, they decided to get engaged. Even though this decision was unofficial, people and reporters started to call Komuro her fiance. Princess Mako and her fiance’s original date of marriage was pushed back and stopped both of their plans. However, they both hope that on October 26, they can be happily wedded and officially start a life together.

Without the proper knowledge of what happened, many people question why their wedding was delayed. Back in 2012, Komuro’s mother’s former fiance suddenly called off the wedding. With all of his mother’s fiance’s money wasted, his mother decided to pay him back. Her fiance did not expect her to make this decision, and instead, together, they resolved the issue without her paying anything back. Unexpectedly, a year later, she received a letter from her ex-fiance asking for his money back. This caused a lot of financial problems for her, and thus, the wedding was put on hold.

The royal life is a privilege and a gift for some people, but to others such as Princess Mako, having expectations to live up to and people always on her back is only a curse. Growing up, Princess Mako has always been independent and knew what she wanted in life. Being married to Komuro is something that Princess Mako would do anything for, even giving up her royal status. Although most people would view this as a mistake, there is nothing more precious than the gift of love.