Album Review: Seventeen’s An Ode


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Seventeen at a Sangam Fansign Event

The K-pop boy group Seventeen has been on a successful road ever since its debut, album sales rising with every new release, which is truly an impressive record. Recently, they’ve announced their comeback coming in mid-October, which Carats (Seventeen’s fans) are incredibly excited for. Their most recent comeback, a mini-album called Your Choice that came out in June, had immediately become a bestseller, selling a million copies in only four days. Although they aren’t the only ones to reach such a milestone, the achievement is reserved for the best and biggest acts of the K-pop industry. Though Seventeen is definitely an interesting group to talk about, this article is going to focus on one of their most successful albums, An Ode. More specifically, is it worth listening to or buying?

Based on the review article on Kpopreviewed, the total rating they gave was 8.5/10. As for Soundigest, 

the author, Amanda Lee, gave a great breakdown of each song and what to look for in them. Seventeen’s An Ode has eleven great songs, those of which being “HIT,” “Lie Again,” “Fear” (the title track), “Let me hear you say,” “247,” “Second Life,” “Network Love,” “Back it up,” “Lucky,” “Snap Shoot,” and the Korean version of their Japanese single, “Happy ending.” The article states the album’s title track, “Fear,” “is the best representation of the group’s experimental and evolving vision.” Though if one is looking for an impressive vocal performance, “Lie Again” and “247,” performed by Seventeen’s performance team, and “Second Life,” are the perfect songs to listen to, having mid-tempo and leaving anyone feeling calm and satisfied. When looking for a song to listen to on repeat, the Hip-hop unit’s “Back it up” is really addicting; with unique production, it’s an impressive feat. 


Another great dance-electronic song, of course, is “Network Love.” Also, having unique production, it’s similar to another song in the album, “HIT.” Though for Seventeen’s fans, songs like “Let me hear you say,” “Lucky,” and “Snap Shoot” radiate the same charming and familiar vibe of Seventeen’s previous discography. This album is another great example of Seventeen’s hard work and amazing teamwork, most of the songs being composed by master composer Woozi. He, alongside other members of the band, has shown evident talent in everything they do; truly hard-working idols. All in all, this album is definitely worth the buy if someone has a spare $30 on hand and if not, listening to it on a place like Spotify or Youtube does the trick as well.


But of course, this review wouldn’t be complete without listening to the song, and that’ll be done by good friend, student, and brother, Kai D. After listening to all eleven songs, this is what he had to say. 


“Good. It’s a nice mix for studying.”

– Kai D., 7th grader at KMS