Elon Musk’s Robots


via USA Today

Tesla’s humanoid robots

Imagine one day in the future, robots would do annoying chores like buying goods at the grocery store, doing laundry, and many more of those things that are just an inconvenience. Well, you might not have to wait that long for technology like this. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is planning on making something like this with a prototype coming next year. Many people have gotten worried about robots taking over the world like Terminator, but Elon says there is nothing to worry about. He says that humans can easily overpower Elon’s “Tesla Bot”. The Tesla Bot is 5’8 and 125 pounds and has a screen for the face. The robot has a max speed of 5 miles per hour so any human can outrun it in case of a takeover which Elon doubts.

Elon thinks that technology will save the world someday. Musk stays optimistic and many wouldn’t be surprised if he pulls this off considering he made self-driving cars, interplanetary rockets, and a brain chip for the disabled. Many people are predicting that the price of the robot will be $10,000, because of the cunning edge technology that the bot has. It will be powered by Tesla’s very own self-driving computer and autopilot cameras. It will have a screen for a head where owners can retrieve information and interact with the machine. Some say that this is a game-changer for the future as this can help the elderly with simple tasks that they cannot perform.

Though many people support the idea of the robot there are still many people who are not convinced. Skeptics say that the Tesla Bot was a publicity stunt to get people applauding. Marques Brownlee states that the human form of the robot is very inefficient. He also states that if you want a robot to do your tasks you don’t want to build it like a human. In fact, you want to build a robot that can do a single task and make it as efficient as possible in that one task. Many people are doubting Elon as other robot companies haven’t set a date for the robot to be on sale. When asked, the other robot companies say they are just experimenting.