Electives at Kraemer Middle School

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From Orchestra to Exploratory Wheel, from Online Newspaper to Computer Applications, there are many options to choose from when deciding what electives to take for the year. While there is the possibility of change, most of the time, the electives students get are the electives that will stick with them for the whole year, so deciding what classes to choose is very important.

One of the many electives that students can choose from is Orchestra. Depending on their skill level and years of experience, students have the choice between Beginner Orchestra, Intermediate Orchestra, or Advanced Orchestra. All three of these classes will take in both 7th and 8th graders. In Beginner Orchestra, students learn basic skills and can choose one of five instruments that they want to play for the year. Intermediate Orchestra teaches students musical styles and how to refine their skills. Finally, Advanced Orchestra teaches students left-hand skills. Beginner and Intermediate Orchestra is taught by Miss Crecia, while Advanced Orchestra is taught by Mr. Topping.

Another elective that students can choose from is the Exploratory Wheel. If students choose this fun option, they have the opportunity to try two different classes, each for one semester. Students get the opportunity to explore new subjects, hence the name “Exploratory Wheel.” The three classes on the wheel are Art, Music Appreciation, and STEM. They are randomly chosen for each person, so the student has little to no control over what classes they get. The teacher for each class rotates with the wheel. Similar to most other electives, the Exploratory Wheel is open to all students, 7th graders, 8th graders, honors students, and non-honors students.

Online Newspaper is also one of the many options that students have when it comes to choosing electives. In this class, students will refine their writing skills. Students also have the opportunity to become an editor, where they will work together with the reporters to publish articles in the Cub Reporter, the school newspaper. This exciting class is taught by Ms. Smith, who also teaches Speech and Drama and Language Arts.

A fourth option that students have to choose from is Computer Applications. This class focuses on computers and technology, as stated by the name. Students will develop their computer, communication, collaboration, and creativity skills in this exciting elective. Computer Applications is taught by Mrs. Kling.

These four electives are not the only ones students at Kraemer can choose from. There are dozens of others, and to find out more about these unique and interesting electives, people can go to the Kraemer Middle School Website.