Student Spotlight- Kai. D


Kai D. is a student attending Kraemer Middle School. Kai was very nervous to start middle school, coming from Tynes Elementary, but he is doing well. He is 12 years old in 7th grade doing all GATE classes. He is funny, energetic, kind, intelligent, and creative. His electives are EW art and Science Olympiad. His favorite teacher is Mr. Stanley, his history teacher, because he likes his sarcasm and encouragement. Even with school to focus on, Kai does a lot of activities outside of school, including soccer, gaming, and drawing.


On July 19, 2009, Kai was born at Providence St. Joseph hospital and raised by his parents in Placentia, California. He lives with his parents Andre and Cheryl, and his two younger twin brothers Kam and Koa. He is close to his family and loves that they support him, show their love to him often, and make sure that he’s staying on task. After long days of school and homework, he draws and plays video games if there’s any free time in his busy schedule. It helps keep him stress-free and forget about school. Kai’s favorite video games are Valorant and Overwatch. He also likes doodling a lot. His favorite things to doodle are shoes. After five weeks of middle school, Kai enjoys doing clubs and likes having different periods with different teachers, so he knows more. Kai misses his sixth-grade teacher Mrs. Bedard, who was sweet, encouraging, pushed him to his best, and helped him when he needed to. After he’s done with middle school, he will attend Valencia High School and wants to go to the California Institute of Technology. Kai wants this because he’s interested in the curriculum and wants to become a videogame designer. He also wants to learn how to code. Kai’s favorite type of food is sushi because it’s Asian, healthy, and he likes all the different types of foods inside. His favorite book is Hunger Games because he likes the suspense and plot of the book. In the book, his favorite character is Katniss because she is brave and compassionate.  


All in all, Kai is a great student, friend, and brother. Though considered short by some, he’ll be one of the most comforting and greatest friends you’ll have. If you need a pat on the back, he’ll be there to give it to..If you find him on campus, resist the urge to steal his hat, he’ll be pretty annoyed.