5-Star Program

The 5-star program is a program that lets students earn points from their teachers while at Kraemer. These points can be earned in many ways. They can also be used or spent in multiple ways. 

Students can earn points by being KRaemeR, or, in other words, kind, respectful, and responsible. They can be kind by holding doors for others or helping someone carry something heavy. Being respectful can be paying attention to your teachers in class and cleaning up trash at lunch or break. Students can be responsible by bringing their fully charged Chromebook plus a charger just in case, which is what they should already be doing. They should also bring their student ID card, planner, supplies, textbooks, and binder.  

5-star points can also be earned if students decide to participate in spirit days. For example, wearing a college shirt on college shirt Thursday or Kraemer spirit wear on Friday. Volunteering in Friday lunch events is also an option. Most, if not every Friday,  have some sort of fun activity that students can participate in. These games include popping balloons or maybe tossing games. These activities can get you points, and sometimes, also otter pops.

The Kraemer store includes items such as backpacks, charger extensions, and more! 5-star points can be spent at the Kraemer store. Of course, some items are free, like backpacks. Just in case a student forgot their backpack at home, they can always lend one from the Kraemer store. Teachers might also have their own little 5-star store, like homework passes, the ability to work outside, getting a free answer on a quiz or a test. Students may visit the Kraemer store at break and lunch as they please.

 In order to see how many points students have, they can access it from the 5-star app or the online website. The app is called “5-Star Students” and is completely free to download. To access points from the website, all students have to do is sign in with their email.