The Library


Emma W.

Image of the KMS library

A library is a place of solitude. A quiet place to go to during break, lunch, PRIDE, and even before school, the library is a multifunctional place. Mrs. Hogan, the librarian, has been the librarian at Kraemer for three years. However, she has been working at Kraemer for the past ten years. Her favorite genres are fantasy and mystery. She says, “It’s just a really fun way to escape to the imaginary world created by the writers.”

The library has over 13,500 books on its shelves, not including textbooks. Mrs. Hogan states, “The library has something for everyone.  We have books that range from Manga to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them; from historical dramas to modern day fiction.” Students can also request a book if the library doesn’t have it. Mrs. Hogan then does her best to get the book. With about seven bookshelf sections of fiction with about ten rows of books and an average of 15-20 books per row each, as well as about two bookshelf sections of non-fiction with the same amount of books on average, the library has quite a bit of books. These shelves are only the ones on two of the walls, however. There are about five more bookshelf sections, with each of these having about 15-20 books per row and about three rows per shelf section.

The library can fit about 60 people at any one time. This means that some classes could fit every single student and still have a room for another class.

Turning to Mrs. Hogan can help a student with many tasks in the library. These include checking out and returning books, checking out new chromebooks, finding books, and more. According to Mrs. Hogan, the best part about the library is the students. “I love the way students come in looking to share in my love of literature. Plus they make me laugh and smile. Well, at least when they follow the rules.” She says. 

The library would be a great place for students and teachers alike, as the quiet atmosphere and new furniture gives off a fresh new feel. It is a great place for students to study, hang out (while being quiet, obviously), or to just read. It can also be a place for teachers to create lesson plans, pick some good books for the class, or to use it like it’s meant to, to read. 

Overall, the library is a great place for all people at Kraemer. Students and teachers alike can do so many things in the library. With so many options, it’s hard to resist the appeal.