Why is Mitski Such a Popular Artist?


via Wikimedia Commons

Mitski at one of her performances in 2019

Mitski Miyawaki, most commonly known as Mitski, is a well-known Japanese-American indie rock singer-songwriter. Many people enjoy her songs because of how much they can relate to the lyrics. Being known for making songs that could be very emotional, some people even find comfort in her songs. Along with the great lyrics she writes, she also has a smooth voice that gives her songs what they need to gain attention. Her music can range from sorrowful to something aggrieved, and that’s how she gained such a large amount of popularity.

Her most popular album is Be the Cowboy, which includes one of her best songs, “Nobody.” The song “Nobody” has lines that repeat the word ‘nobody’ over and over again. As the repetition of the words keeps going, her vocals begin to get louder. She made this song because she stayed in that part of the world after her Australia and Asia tour to save money instead of going back to America during the holidays. Since Malaysia was where she stayed for most of her childhood, she decided to go there. Although she believed it would be a good idea at first, she realized it wasn’t a good plan to follow through once she got there. The fact that she was in a country where she was unknown while everyone she knew was somewhere else, she broke down. The repetition of “nobody” was to represent how lonely she felt at the time. Many people can relate to this song in terms of how lonely they feel.

Another one of her more popular songs is “Your Best American Girl,” included in the Puberty 2 album. This song describes Mitski’s struggles growing up not in the U.S. but wanting to be part of American life. She said that it went from having the want to be in somebody’s life and then just painfully not being able to at all. The lyrics, “You have so much to do, and I have nothing ahead of me,” expressed how she felt like she would be in the way of their life. Mitski herself said it’s always hard to realize that you aren’t always what’s best for somebody.