Why Flat Earthers are Wrong

A space view of the flat Earth

via Wikimedia Commons

A space view of the ‘flat Earth’

Many people around the world believe that the Earth is flat. They make conspiracy theories about Antarctica being a 150-foot tall wall of ice and how NASA spreads lies about Earth being round. Earth is very much round, and so are the Sun and Moon. These theories about the Earth being a flat disk are false and should not be taken seriously.   


 Around 200 people join the Flat Earth Society every year and makeup more false conspiracy theories and fake facts to support them. One of these theories is about gravity not existing. They say that gravity is an illusion, and the Earth keeps rising, but this was countered with the idea that Earth should have reached the speed of light by now. If this were true, the gravitational pull on earth would intensify, and anything and everything will become as flat as the supposed flat earth.


Another widespread theory is the Antarctic circle theory. The Flat Earth Society believes that Antarctica is a 150-foot wall of ice made to stop people from falling off and that NASA employees are stationed there to stop people from falling. If this theory were true, the wall would be slowly melting and much shorter now due to global warming than the Flat Earth Society previously thought. 


The naked eye can see about only 3 miles due to the Earth’s curvature, and the higher one goes, the further one can see. The higher up someone goes on the make-believe flat Earth, the same things can be seen on ground level. This is because the Earth’s curvature makes it, so your line of sight is blocked by land. For example, imagine someone at the base of a hill. They can’t see much on the other side of the hill. Now imagine someone on a bigger hill overlooking the original hill. That’s how the Earth’s curvature affects our vision. If the Earth were flat, things would just appear in your line of sight, depending on how good your eyes are. If the Earth were round, which it is, things would slowly “rise from the ground” and into view. 


So, the Earth is definitely not flat. There are too many factors for the Flat Earth Society to cover that it’s obvious that they’re wrong. There are many theories still out there, but just remember, the EARTH IS NOT FLAT.