The Cruising Situation

Boat under Carnival Cruises

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Boat under Carnival Cruises

Cruising used to be an excellent vacation option to relax and have a good time, but the current world situation has changed all of that. In 2020, all cruising industries were forced to stop business because of the Covid-19 pandemic. A year has passed; it is 2021, vaccines are available, the cases for Covid-19 are slowly declining, and the government has put on stricter regulations than ever, so how has the cruising situation changed? 

In 2019, or pre-covid, the Carnival Corporation alone made a whopping 2.99 billion dollars in net income. This means that cruising is a very lucrative business. Now, looking at the net income for Carnivals Corporation in 2020-2021, it’s pretty obvious to say that it has drastically decreased to an incredibly low -21.432 billion dollars. This pandemic has caused the Carnival Corporation alone to have a -7.168x net income compared to the 2019 net income. Fortunately for Carnival, they plan to have all of their ships ready for use in the spring of 2022. 

One of Carnival’s ships, Vista, has already been deployed. In August of 2021, Vista was found to have 27 people infected with Covid-19. All 27 of the infected were vaccinated. This mini epidemic of Covid-19 was found out on the 4th day of an 8-day long cruise. Carnival did not give out any numbers on how many people were infected, but the Belize Government did. 

 Covid-19 is not the only outbreak of a virus on cruise ships. In 2009, there was a norovirus epidemic onboard MV Celebrity Mercury. Over 400 of the 1,800 passengers were infected with the virus and began to react to a gastrointestinal bug. Fortunately, everyone was okay, thanks to the over-the-counter medications that the medical team handed out. 

It seems that most cruising companies are going to slowly resume business before 2023. Most, if not all, will require passengers to have proof of vaccination, along with proof of a negative Covid test result. Carnival, on the other hand, will let people travel without a vaccine. If passengers are unable to take a vaccine, they must have a negative Covid test result and pay a $150 fee. It is pretty safe to say that in the near future, if passengers have their vaccines, a negative test result, and money to go on a cruise, they can once again enjoy the luxury of relaxation in the middle of the sea.