In-N-Out vs. Fast Food Industry


via Wikimedia Commons

The renowned burger and fries from In-N-Out

The burger and fries are one of the most recognizable foods in American history. It was first created with only ground meat between 2 buns in 1900 by Louis Lassen, a Danish immigrant who owned Louis’ Lunch in New Haven. There is still some controversy over where the burger originated from, but everybody can relate to this fabrication as a great success for the food industry and customers. Over the decades, more and more fast food industries started experimenting with new ways to “improve” the burger. One of these fast-food restaurants that made a name for themselves in the US is In-N-Out.

Though there are varieties of fast-food restaurants all over the US, there is no restaurant with a fanbase as large as In-N-Out. Only on the west coast, people worldwide travel to California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Texas to eat the sensational phenomenon. In-N-Out doesn’t even need advertisements. Word of mouth spreading and advertising from its “cult fans” helps In-N-Out grow to the behemoth of a name worldwide. When one new location opened in Arizona, there was a four-hour wait to have a taste of this prize. Some super fans go above and beyond and order something that has never been seen before. Up until 2004, customers could order almost anything with multiple combinations. A person by the name of Will Young, a die-hard fan, ordered a 100 x 100 burger on Halloween night at the Las Vegas location. In-N-Out has hit the jackpot with advertisements. The restaurant has made many appearances, such as on Swinger, The Big Lebowski, and TV shows like Arrested Development and The Simpsons. Big names such as Angela Jolie, Beyonce’, Paris Hilton, and Tom Hanks have publicly stated their infatuation for In-N-Out. During Super Bowl XLII, New York Giants’ former coach, Tom Coughlin, ordered In-N-Out for the entire team. The fanbase is like no other.

Not only are the fans a big part of their great success, but the employees also make it significantly notable. When the employees were interviewed, they said that the company is extremely flexible with their schedules, everybody is treated equally, and all employees are treated well. You get a free meal every day, great pay, and many more exceptional benefits for a rewarding job. In-N-Out is one of if not the only restaurant chain in the top 50 of Glassdoor’s list.