Mysterious Disappearance of Goat Hunter Solved After 53 Years

A goat looking far away

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A goat looking far away

Raymond Jones was a man who lived over fifty years ago. Or, more accurately, more than fifty-three years ago, because that’s when he died of mysterious causes. Mr. Jones is quite a peculiar case.


Jones went missing on September 7, 1968, having left camp that morning to bow hunt some mountain goats. He lived in the city of Salmon in Lemhi County, Idaho, and was hunting along Hayden Creek, where the terrain was admittedly rather rocky. He was reported missing by the other men in his camp after he failed to show up that night. 


Bowhunting goats was known to be a somewhat perilous job, as mountain goats can get aggressive and can easily weigh up to over three hundred pounds. The area more or less belonged to the goats, and Jones was invading their space. However, his death is not as clear-cut as it should have been. The body did not clearly show a cause of death and wasn’t found or recovered until recently, on the 17th of September this year. As his corpse was not discovered right away, the case and the search were dismissed in 1970, and Raymond Jones was declared dead. Footprints were found some time later, re-opening Jones’s case, but it was dismissed once again. 


Recently, an unsuspecting successor of the late Mr. Jones went out to bow hunt some mountain goats. He also lived in Salmon and was hunting along the same creek. The hunter, who chooses to remain anonymous, was trying to take a shortcut to his destination when he stumbled upon the remains of his deceased predecessor. Many hunters had likely taken the same shortcut in the past years. How they didn’t realize they were passing by a corpse is a mystery. Whatever killed Jones, whether it was goats or the rocks or even a storm, it had left him rotting away for half a century. What was left of him was collected a few days after being found. The recovery of the remains had been delayed because of the hostile weather conditions, but it didn’t deter anyone for too long. After part of a wallet was found on his person, the corpse was identified as Raymond Jones. Mrs. Jones is still alive and has claimed the body. She, and the rest of the family, thank the hunter and everyone who was once involved in the search for solving the case.