Did Biden Make the Right Choice, Pulling out American Troops From Afghanistan All at Once?


CPL Sam Shepherd

American Soldier in Afghanistan

A lot went wrong in the pullout from Afghanistan, but President Biden’s decisions were the reason for the failure. America invested so much time and effort in protecting Afghanistan from the Taliban, but one mistake led to the Taliban conquering Afghanistan. For 20 years, American troops trained the Afghans to defend themselves from the Taliban one day. Still, the sudden evacuation of the American forces left Afghanistan with no guidance on how to defend itself.
After 9/11, the Taliban, founded in 1994, was said to have harbored Osama Bin Laden and other members of al-Qaeda who were part of the attacks on 9/11. In response to this, America deployed thousands of troops into Afghanistan barely even a month after the attacks. While there, the troops started training the Afghans to prepare for the Taliban’s inevitable attack
In 2002, America spent just about 20 billion dollars on military operations and reconstruction in Afghanistan. In 2011 alone, America deployed 110,000 troops in Afghanistan and spent over 110 billion dollars. Surprisingly, that was one of the lowest-costing years because, on May 2, 2011, Osama Bin Laden was killed by an American SEAL team in Pakistan.
Unfortunately, America spent billions of dollars on Afghanistan only for the Taliban to capture it all. American troops gave weapons to the Afghans so that they could fight against the Taliban, but that plan failed because instead of them being used to fight against the terrorists, the weapons were surrendered to them. In some places, the Afghans surrendered without even a single shot fired.
The cowardice of the Afghans enabled the Taliban to eventually make it to Kabul, the largest city in Afghanistan, which also serves as the capital. On Sunday, August 15, 2021, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country, leaving the presidential palace vulnerable to Taliban fighters. America admitted that they miscalculated the speed at which the Taliban would take over Afghanistan. US Intelligence thought it would be weeks until Kabul fell to Taliban fighters, but in reality, it only took a few days.
President Biden made a big mistake pulling out most, if not all, of the American troops in Afghanistan, which gave the Taliban a chance to conquer Afghanistan quickly. After 20 years, Afghanistan is no longer free and is suffering from Biden’s mistake.