Staff Spotlight – Mrs. Winn

Mrs. Winn is a teacher at Kraemer Middle School who teaches seventh and eighth-grade science. She enjoys working at Kraemer, especially because of the wonderful staff who light up her day. Mrs. Winn has been teaching students for fifteen years, and five of those years were here at Kraemer.

While growing up in Placentia, Mrs. Winn attended Sierra Vista Elementary, Tuffree Middle School, Fullerton Community College, and California State University of Fullerton. Majoring in advertising/communication, multiple subject-teaching, and getting her master of arts in education, she decided to make a difference in the world by teaching and supporting children in their learning.

Mrs. Winn has a loving family of 4, consisting of her husband, Kyle, and her two children, Morgan and Jake.

She loves to read, hike, cook, and do anything outdoors. So far, Mrs. Winn’s favorite place she traveled to is in the Czech Republic, where she toured Prague. If she had a job other than teaching, she would’ve been a Travel Channel host, a job that would pay her to stay at hotels and eat delicious foods. Her favorite book is The Secret Garden. It was just a childhood favorite, and she often reads it to her children. She likes to cook chili, chicken noodle soup, shrimp pasta, and breakfast.

Out of all the holidays, Mrs. Winn’s favorite holiday is Christmas because of the celebrations, pretty lights, and the warm, cozy feelings. She likes to eat lasagna, rib roast, and any kind of pie during Christmas.

Mrs. Winn had a lot of jobs before being a teacher. Some of them were being a server in restaurants, a front desk clerk at a hotel, an account manager in advertising, and an assistant in an architectural firm. 

If she had to choose to eat at one restaurant for the rest of her life, she would eat at a restaurant called The Cellar Restaurant. The Cellar Restaurant is a fancy restaurant located in Fullerton. Her personal favorite to order is a filet mignon with a side of poached sea bass. On top of everything, her favorite foods include pizzas, tacos, and pineapples. 

Mrs. Winn’s favorite thing about being a teacher is connecting with children and doing all sorts of science activities. She has taught middle schoolers from Lake Center Middle School and kindergarteners from Los Alamitos Elementary School. If she could be any animal in the world, she would become an eagle so she could fly and look over at things. Mrs. Winn’s favorite tv show is Kill Bill 1 & 2. Some fun facts about Mrs. Winn are that she has lived near the beach for ten years and walked on the Great Wall of China. If you happen to meet Mrs. Winn on campus, make sure to greet her with a “hi,” as it will be returned!


Source: Mrs. Winn