Universal Studios Hollywood Creates SUPER NINTENDO WORLD

Super Nintendo World

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Super Nintendo World

All Nintendo lovers who live in America will get their chance to see the Mushroom Kingdom come to life.  Universal Studios will soon open its new exhibit in Hollywood. Nintendo fans will be able to see some of the characters of the beloved video game Super Mario Bros.  It will be the thrill of a lifetime for all people who love Nintendo video games. 


The very first Super Mario Bros. game was first released in the year 1985 made by Nintendo. The game was about two Italian brothers that were plumbers who tried to save the princess from the evil and wicked King of the Koopas, Bowser. Their goal was to destroy Goombas, Koopa troopas, and other dangerous creatures in the game. Mario and Luigi had to pass every single world and level and defeat Bowser. Once Bowser is defeated, the player wins and saves the princess. Throughout time, more and more games started to be released about the same two brothers trying to save the same princess, but with new levels and ideas. In March 2021, the first Super Nintendo World opened in Universal Studios in Japan. But for Covid-19 safety reasons, people who visit this area will need to have a mask on and be checked for temperature. Super Nintendo World has many cool attractions like rides, restaurants, gift shops, and more fun stuff to do there! 


The idea of making a Super Nintendo World in Hollywood was brought from Japan’s great success. And it has also spread to other Universal Studios around the world. So this land will be similar to the one in Universal Studios in Japan. They will be putting similar attractions and a similar Super Mario Bros. Setting/Land like in Japan. Construction for Super Nintendo World is making significant progress and might be completed next year if progress like this keeps going. Merchandise is being sold already. You can see green hills, like in the game, and the construction site when you pass by it. Super Nintendo Worlds will also be built in Universal Studios Singapore and Universal Orlando Resort. 


Super Nintendo Land will come to Hollywood soon. This will be an exciting experience for everyone that nobody would want to miss. Everyone is welcome to come to see the Mushroom Kingdom and have a Super Mario adventure that they will never forget.