Student Spotlight – Audrey W.

Student Spotlight - Audrey W.

Kind, funny, and charismatic, Audrey W. is a star student. Audrey always puts all her effort into everything she does whether, it’s baking, dancing, or school work. When she is with friends, she always knows what to say and has the ability to make anyone smile or laugh. At school, Audrey is always working hard on all the things she needs to do, and when she isn’t at school, she has many interesting hobbies such as dancing, baking, and drawing.


Currently, Audrey is a 7th grader at Kraemer Middle school. Before she left elementary school, she attended Glenknoll Elementary and eventually Woodsboro Elementary, where she started GATE. Even though she’s constantly trying her best, Audrey has always struggled with procrastination. Yet, like a good student, she is working toward her goal of becoming more productive. Although she doesn’t know which school she wants to go to in the future, she has already found her dream job. Following in her dad’s footsteps, she dreams that one day she will become a trader. Being a trader means she will be responsible for making prices and completing trades. Though not the most popular job, Audrey knows what she wants to do for her career.


Outside of school, Audrey has an extremely tight schedule. Born to dance, Audrey has gone to dance classes for 7-8 years. She has competed in many competitions with her team and won a fair amount of awards. However, Audrey has also found a love for painting and drawing. Along with dance classes, she has also attended art classes for quite a while. Audrey is always looking for ways to improve in her art and idolizes Rene Magritte who is known for being a surrealist artist.


Even with her busy life, Audrey always finds time for family and friends. Audrey is a funny, kind, helpful, and responsible young lady. At home, she manages to help take care of two dogs, a bird, and a pet spider. She has also learned her way around the kitchen and found other ways to help her parents around the house. She is closest to her mother since her dad is always busy with work and since she has a large age gap with her older brother. Audrey has always been able to adapt the way she talks around different people, and under different circumstances. She also has a great sense of humor and always manages to put a smile on her friends’ faces.


All in all, Audrey has always tried her best in everything she does. She is also a great friend and family member to have. Today, Audrey shows many great characteristics as a student and as an individual.