Why people can’t agree on wearing masks?

Wearing a mask is important for everyones health

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Wearing a mask is important for everyone’s health

The pandemic has turned the world upside down. Everyone now needs to wear a mask, and for many, it has become a normal way of life. But why can’t people agree on wearing masks? First of all, they think that it takes away their freedom. People want to make their own choices when it comes to their bodies. When they feel that choices are being taken away, they become angry and frustrated. 

Wearing masks is not only about freedom, but it also has to do with health. Some people might have health issues, such as breathing problems, which might worsen if they wear a mask. Another reason people might disagree on wearing masks is that some people want to ignore the situation that the world is currently in and want to live life as if it never happened. Wearing masks has become the new routine. However, it continues to create division among groups of people. Can this issue ever be solved? No, because in everything, no matter the topic or situation, there will always be two sides to everything. In this situation that the world is in, it is going to see this divide for a while.

There is a clear divide between people who wear masks and do not. When it comes to masks, people see it politically, which takes away their freedom of choice. Nobody wants to be forced into doing things, especially when we live in a country filled with freedom. People are worried that the government is trying to take control of their lives and decisions. People want to have their freedom and have their rights, but they have no other option. The government can force people to wear a mask legally. Some people think that the coronavirus is just like the flu, even though it’s not. The coronavirus is worse than a dreadful flu season, and people still don’t wear masks. 

Overall, the pandemic is frustrating to handle, and people are going crazy about having to wear masks. Those types of people will have a hard time because, in some places, it is mandatory to wear masks. Some people even think that masks will harm their health even though it won’t. Also, some people think that masks can’t penetrate the coronavirus. They are partly true, but it actually slows the spread of coronavirus. These are all peoples’ opinions, so nobody can really judge them.