Best places to visit in Portland Maine

Portland, Maine, is the largest city in Maine and is known for its love of good food, art, and coastal scenery. Portland has lots of cultures to explore. If you walk around Portland, you will see street performers, bands, and numerous food trucks. There is the constant sound of beeping cars, barking dogs, and music being played. But outside the city, it is dead quiet. The surrounding land is treacherous, with mountains, forests, and valleys surrounding the city. Portland also has a massive fishing community with part of the city right on the shore.

Portland, Maine, has many interesting places to visit. Some of these places include Peaks Island, The Headlight Lighthouse, and the Narrow Gauge Light Railroad. Peaks Island is an island off the coast of Portland, which visitors can only get to by ferry. There are many war bases and forts that inhabit the island. While exploring the island’s beaches, forests, and meadows, you will come across lots of wildlife such as deer, bears, and sea life. Narrow Gauge Railroads is a historic railroad system that used to lead 200 miles around the coast of Portland.  Currently, there is a museum where you can take a three-mile ride along the bay. The museum will also detail the historical importance of the Narrow Gauge railroads. The Headlight Lighthouse rests on Cape Elizabeth and originated in 1791 and was commissioned by George Washington. The building next to the lighthouse is the museum, but there is so much more than simply a lighthouse. There is a massive garden that surrounds the lighthouse and spans a total of 90 acres of land. The stunning views that you get from standing on top of the lighthouse are worth climbing up what seems like a billion stars.

Portland also has a stunning variation of fishing, food, and art. The First Friday Art Walk is an event that happens on the first Friday of every month in which all the museums and the whole art community in Maine put the best pieces up for the show. The Friday Art Walk is for more than just art; many of the best restaurants have trucks or set up some sort of stall around the Friday Art Walk for hungry visitors. When it’s not the first Friday of the month, though, you can always visit the Portland Museum of Art. The Portland Museum of Art holds many pieces, including a whole section of art honoring David Driskell. Fishing is a big part of the culture in Maine. The Maine Lobster Shack is a renowned restaurant that serves its famous lobster rolls. Caught fresh just off the shore of Portland, the lobster and crab rolls are a must-have.

Anyone who is looking for a seaside retreat should consider visiting Portland, Maine. Portland has beautiful beaches, great food, and stunning art. Maybe you should consider visiting the Headlight Lighthouse and wander through the gardens that surround it. Or if you don’t want to do the usual touristy things, Tourists should consider going out and picking wild blueberries in the forests near Portland. Any way you cut it, visiting Portland, Maine is an experience any visitors will surely remember.