Should Anti-Semitic Beliefs be Able to be Voiced

The first amendment states that everyone has the freedom of speech, but should people be allowed this right if they’re using it to harm people based on their religion? The short answer is no because anti-Semitic speeches are harmful to many people and cause more pain than it’s worth. Recently, many videos have been getting popular showing people holding the swastika flag and saying very hurtful and threatening things towards people that follow Judaism. 

Many protests have been held due to these videos, including a recent protest at the Holocaust Museum chanting “Unite Against Hate.” During the year 2021, there has been a large increase in hate crimes directed towards Jewish people, and people have noticed, are subsequently taking action. In recent years, anti-Semitic crimes have risen by 63 percent. Jewish businesses have also been targeted by malicious people blaming Jewish people for no reason and have thrown bricks into the windows of kosher restaurants.

President Biden himself said these attacks need to stop and that it is up to everyone to stop these hate crimes against Judaism. In New York, a group of Jewish pedestrians was seriously injured by a group of men. A woman was hit with fireworks shot from a car aimed towards the Jewish people there. One man was charged with a hate crime connected to this incident, but this is just a small portion of the people who have caused injuries towards people that follow this religion. A Jewish man told reporters, “You look across the street from our synagogue, and there’s a big church, and the big difference between the church and the synagogue is the church doesn’t have a gate around it.” This highlights the pressure that Jews have to endure as opposed to other religions. 

For most Jewish citizens, these recent attacks have caused lots of panic and fear. Synagogues have been major targets for hate crimes, hence the fence that had to be placed around the previously mentioned Synagogue to keep it from being attacked. All over the country, these attacks have been happening to places with relations to Judaism, which needs to stop. This is why anti-Semitic people should not be allowed to voice their beliefs because they are risking the safety of Jews and other people who may harass the Jewish people.