Millions of Rodents Descend on Eastern Australia

After COVID-19 is finally beginning to settle down, Australia is now meeting a new type of plague. Residents are now calling it the mouse plague! Several millions of rodents are going on a rampage across Eastern Australia. This is caused by mice rapidly breeding because of the sudden change in environmental conditions. Australia has had a series of dry years, but the drought now basically stopped, starting the rapid breeding. Mice can start breeding at six weeks of age and have 6-10 babies almost every 20 days. Although it can be difficult to predict when the mice plague will end, a plague of mice usually comes to an abrupt stop with a population collapse. 

While this might not be as bad as a global pandemic, this mice invasion is extremely concerning to farmers in eastern Australia. Many farmers are having all their planted seeds eaten by roaming mice. Not only are farmers losing money to loss of seeds, but they are also losing money to hay! Several mice have been moving into the hay and urinating in it. Because of health hazards, farmers are forced to throw them away. Farmers also have been having to protect their tractors and machinery as they eat all of the wires.

Residents, as well as farmers, are sharing their horror stories on the internet. The owner of the “Mink and Me” cafe, Lucy Moss, says that she has had to pay to fix her fridge seven times after the machinery has gotten clogged due to the corpses of dead mice. Moss says that this alone has ended up costing her thousands. Guy Roth works at a sprawling University of Sydney research farm near the New South Wales town of Narrabri, and he claims that at one point, he and his family were found around one hundred mice every day inside their homes and offices. Roth says that it would not be uncommon to have a mouse run across your desk or find one inside a drawer. Although this can be disgusting, Roth says the thing he will remember most about this plague is the smell. He says that he constantly has to spell the dozens of dead mice in and around his house.

Residents have been trying to buy mice traps, but they have gone out of stock in stores due to the increase in demand. Dozens of mayors have been calling upon the state government to declare the mouse issue an official plague and supply additional bait, but they have so far refused. Hopefully, this mouse plague will soon come to a stop.