Jordan 1 Shadow 2.0

The Jordan 1 Shadow 2.0 has been a very highly anticipated sneaker for sneakerheads everywhere. With this new addition to the very vast Jordan 1 lineup, it re-models the old Jordan 1 Shadows released in 2013. This show was rumored in October of 2020, and it finally hit retail on May 15th. 

The shoe retailed for 170 USD, and it is now reselling on Stockx for around 240 USD. This is already a 70 dollar markup in 3 days which is not a huge difference for Jordan 1s. They aren’t marked up so much like the mochas and court purples because of the gray colorway. These shoes are still hyped up for sellers because they have been a very popular shoe since the 1980s. The color consists of a light grey and a medium black look. It has the classic OG Jordan 1 look and feel, which is a big plus for consumers. The color blocking of these shoes is excellent with the black toe and gray bottom, and white sole.

The thing with sneakers like this is that most people aren’t going to be rocking 200 dollar shoes everywhere they go if they’re just normal people who don’t care about stuff like sneakers. The people who will be buying these types of shoes are sneakerheads and people who are into fashion. This makes up a big community of people but not as large as people willing to buy new balance shoes that are cheaper. But since sneakers like shadows are so expensive, it makes up for it. This is the cause of these sneakers being so expensive. The other reason is people buying them all when they come out, and then they sell them for more money on a 3rd party site like StockX or Goat. These people could make hundreds to thousands of dollars in profit on these sneakers due to brands only making a certain amount per sneaker.

This sneaker is branded as a basketball shoe, but Jordan 1s has formed into a fashion icon with its bulky look and its simple yet cool colorways. Many celebrities like musicians and movie actors have supported and worn this shoe. It has slowly turned into a streetwear icon that can go with any outfit. Jordan 1s are the most popular Jordan in the lineup, with the 4s probably being the second most popular.