A piece of China’s Rocket descends from the atmosphere

A massive piece of China’s Rocket is falling from the sky, and no one knows where it will land. The piece of the rocket is supposed to be in space, but it is falling towards Earth. This piece of debris is scheduled to land sometime in the 2nd week of May 2021. The piece of the rocket that hit Earth is a big part of the booster. This object weighs 23 tons. 

Scientists have calculated that it is going about 18,000 miles per hour in orbit. Others thought once it reaches Earth’s atmosphere, it will burn up, but the material it is made of is meant not to burn. This makes sense because it is part of the booster. It is actually the core of the booster which means it’s supposed to hold the most amount of heat.

On Saturday, May 8, the debris fell to Earth. The most significant piece fell into the Indian Ocean, but other small pieces landed in other places. The main piece was very close to landing in the Maldives. If the piece of the rocket were to land on land, the damage it would cause would be expensive, but China would have to pay for the damage since it was their rocket. The rocket that was launched was a Long March 5B Rocket. When the debris landed, no one was injured, and as scientists calculate where the other debris landed, no buildings were harmed. The incident was said to be 100% China’s fault because they were negligent in allowing a piece of the boosters to fall out of orbit. 

The booster was also very close to hitting the Arabian peninsula. It barely just went over it, hitting the Indian Ocean. The rocket was very out of control, and China should have done better to avoid this issue. If the rocket were to hit the land, it would have made a significant impact. At the speed the rocket part was going, it could have made an enormous crater. The piece of debris was circling the Earth every 90 minutes, going 17,000 miles per hour. The booster is about 100 feet tall and 15 feet wide. Weighing 23-tons, officials still said the chances of the booster hitting a high populated area was not zero but very low. Well, they were right. The main part of the booster did not hit anything causing damage, but the smaller pieces are still yet to be found.