Star Wars: The Bad Batch – What to Know Before Watching

Disney+ recently released their newest hit show, The Bad Batch. The Bad Batch is from the Star Wars Universe, and they were introduced in the later seasons of the VERY popular original series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. They are a group of genetically modified Clones, changed for specific purposes, and one of the most prestigious clone groups in the Galaxy. They are even sometimes known to be the equivalent of an army. The group includes Wrecker, a brute that has enormous physical strength. Tech, the Brains behind the extremely intelligent group. Next is Hunter, who has heightened senses (Smell, hearing, etc.), and Crosshair, who has unmatched aim with practically any projectile. Also, Echo, a regular Clone taken, presumed missing, and experimented on, causing physical trauma but also some improved skills.

The show takes place immediately after the events of the Star Wars Prequels and thus is in direct association with Order 66, the command Councillor Palpatine gave to every Clone, ordering all of them to find and eliminate every Jedi. This is enforced through chips planted during the cloning process, which were modified as a result of the Bad Batch’s genetic differences. Thus, they are confused when the Jedi are suddenly accused of treason and killed. Knowing something is wrong, Hunter allows a Jedi Padawan to escape, who has just seen his Master shot down by the new Empire. 

Hoping to find answers, the Bad Batch heads to their home, Kamino, where all clones are… cloned. While there, they find a strange child named Omega, who seems to be a special Adolescent Female Clone. Tech deducts that she is a fifth genetically modified Clone, who only seems to have a slightly improved perception of events. She has a strange fascination with the Bad Batch, constantly following them after getting told to leave several times. Soon, an Imperial officer is trying to test their commitment and send them to eliminate a resistance towards the Empire. But instead of droids, they find a group of Old Republic forces, led by a prominent Clone Wars tactician, Saw Gerrera. Everybody but Crosshair is reluctant to kill living soldiers with young families. Crosshair seems to be more heavily influenced by Order 66, as he is strict on following orders. After the Empire finds out they failed to complete their mission, they lock the Bad Batch in a holding cell and take Crosshair to repair his inhibitor chip, allowing him to follow orders like any other clone.

After they escape, with Omega tagging along the adventure, they find Crosshair, but instead of being a part of their team, he is now a willing soldier of the Empire and gets orders to make sure the Bad Batch doesn’t escape at all costs. However, he fails, and The Bad Batch, along with Omega, leaves as wanted fugitives. That was the first episode, and so far, four have been released, with none being too important to note. So for now, hopefully, this article helped you if you planned on ever watching the Disney+ original show Star Wars: The Bad Batch.