Top Music of 2021 So Far

Music has a powerful influence on the lives of others and can change someone’s life at one point. During the craziness of quarantine, many artists have released new albums and singles that have shocked society.

A familiar song name is “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo. Upon its release in January, the song was an instant global hit. It reached the summit of the Official Singles Chart and stayed there for nine weeks, making it the longest-running Number 1 single in 15 years. 

The song “Good Days” by SZA was another big hit. Another song by SZA was “Hit Different.” The connection between the two is that it teased the release of “Good Days” at the end of the song.  The trending line from the song is, “I don’t miss no ex, miss no text, I choose not to respond.” This song changed the people who listened to it and showed the inevitable change within SZA. After the release of “Good Days,” life didn’t seem to be all about fight or flight to her.

Jasmine Sullivan created the song “Pick Up Your Feelings,” which only displayed how she wrote her songs- from her personal experiences on falling in love and losing it. Her song shows evidence of her criticizing her ex, who should’ve known better. One lyric that has been a winner for tweets on Twitter is “You need to hurry and pick up your feelings while I’m up cleaning.”

“Wilder Days” by Morgan Wade was also a big hit. Morgan Wade states that when she was younger, she was made fun of for her voice which is baffling to believe regarding her new single. This song combines country, pop, rock, and Americana, thanks to the 400 Units Sadler Vaden. Amazingly, the two were able to make a big hit on the first time they worked together.

The underground band “Why Don’t We” released a song shocking all of their fans because the theme was different from their other songs. “Grey” has a softer tune, and the lyrics are meaningful and connect with the audience. This song truly shows that the band members have matured as artists.

K-Pop has now been recognized worldwide, and BTS is a factor that has contributed to that. BTS came out with a new song called “Film Out.” This song has put many of its audience into their feels, and the video (music video) is stunning.