Albert Pujols Traded To the Dodgers


Angels at Orioles 5/11/19

In one of the most popular sports, baseball, players are often traded to different teams. This can benefit both the team and the player being traded—specifically, Hall of Famer Albert Pujols. Albert Pujols held a 12-year contract with the Angels for 240 million dollars but was released last year as a free agent. Some may ask, why did the Los Angeles Angels release a Hall of Famer player? This was due to his lack of talent as of late, most likely due to his age. The typical age MLB players retire at is 27-29 years old. Considering this, Albert Pujols was due to retire a long time ago. Even at his age, he can still keep up with the game, which accounts for his playtime.

Recently, Albert Pujols was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Right now, his contract is set for a year at 426,313 dollars a year. This is not set in stone yet, so it can still be adjusted as time goes on. On May 17, 2021, former Angels player Albert Pujols made his debut for the Dodgers, playing against the Arizona Diamondbacks. He was dressed in blue and wore number 55, playing first base and batting fourth in the lineup (Generally, this is where power hitters go). On his at-bat, he hit an RBI single against pitcher Madison Bumgardner. This hit put the Los Angeles Dodgers 2-0 against the Arizona Diamondbacks, eventually leading to a 3-1 win. 

After the Angels released Albert Pujols, he could’ve easily called it quits and retired from Major League Baseball to live a lavish life with his family, but his desire to keep playing kept him in good spirits and eventually led to a good trade with the defending champions. “I told them I’m here to do whatever — pinch-hit, first base, whatever they want,” Pujols said. “I’m just excited to have this opportunity to wear this uniform and glad to be here.” What he says here really shows his love for the game. Albert Pujols was the “oldest clean-up hitter in Dodgers history and the oldest player to hit in the top four of their lineup since a 44-year-old Rickey Henderson in 2003.” 

Although the Dodgers are a good team, they have not reached their full potential yet as shortstop Corey Seager fractured his right hand and could be missing up to 2 months. This shifts all the positions and forces players to play positions that aren’t necessarily regular. Having Pujols as an extra player to play anywhere on the field is very beneficial. Pujols wasn’t the only player the Dodgers snagged as of late. They also got a former player on the Tampa Bay Rays Yoshitomo Tsutguso, who can play first, third, and left. Not only this, but he is also a lefty power hitter. Overall, this trade was good for Albert and the Dodgers, giving the Dodgers an extra player with experience and allowing Albert to continue his MLB career.